"Signature Pen" "Zhejiang Manufacturing" Group Standards Launching Meeting and the First Seminar Held
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The Zhejiang Institute of Standardization is the lead-setting unit of the “Signature Pen” standard. On July 10th, the Ningbo Stationery Industry Association organized the “Signature Pen” “Zhejiang Manufacturing” group standard launching meeting and the first seminar.At the meeting, Ms. Liu Xiaoming from the Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Standardization, on behalf of the lead development unit, introduced the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” standard positioning, requirements and labeling concept.The meeting also set up a standard working group, determined the list of members of the working group, clarified the responsibilities of each member, and worked on the draft standard and advanced nature by the first drafting unit of the standard (Beifa Group, the leading enterprise in the stationery industry in Ningbo).Description.During the introduction process, the members and experts of the working group conducted in-depth and pragmatic discussions on the draft standard, and determined the main content and framework of the standard; at the end of the meeting, the standard development work plan was also clarified.Leaders, experts and members attending this conference include: Wang Ruican and Wang Yaying, Zhejiang Manufacturing Brand Promotion Office; Fang Haocheng and Zhou Rui of Beilun District Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau; Sun Jianqiang, National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Cultural and Educational Products; Peng Liming, Ningbo Vocational and Technical College; Beifa Group Yin Yongsheng, Long Shuiyun, Zhang Xuelian; Guangbo Group Qiu Guangjin; Deli Group Chu Weidong and so on.
Relevant personnel of the Ningbo Stationery Industry Association Secretariat were invited to participate in the meeting as industry experts.